The Sahara Desert and Its Cultures Facts


Saraha desert

Sahara Desert

The largest hot desert in the world is the Sahara. Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world, this desert is very sandy today, but it was very green 6000 years ago.And the greenery was waving but suddenly due to some change in the earth, it became a desert like desert, but due to these reasons, a lake was formed here.Saharan winds have a global impact, setting off weather events such as cyclones. Despite being as large because the United States, the Sahara population is as much because the tenth of the United States. While the population of America is 32 crores, the population of people living in Sahara Desert is just three crores. The area where Sahara is spread is not even completely dry. Where there are oasis and lakes at many places. The worlds longest river Nile additionally flows in its eastern part. Even though the favorable situations of life withinside the Sahara are extremely difficult, around 500 creeping creatures are found here and around one thousand species of trees also are located here. Trees are mostly located near water sources.

Sahara Desert
  1. The trade of mineral resources from the Sahara Desert began after World War II. The Desert is considered to be the center of oil, natural gas, coal and a majority of these minerals.
  1. The Desert is the hottest desert withinside the global with an annual common temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius. There is a great difference in day and night temperatures in the Desert. Sometimes the sunlight hours temperature reaches 56 ° C while at night it goes below 0 ° C.
  1. The scope of the Desert mysteriously increases and decreases.
  1. A few years ago a studies crew was looking for the skeletons of dinosaurs withinside the Algeria usa located withinside the Sahara Desert, unexpectedly searching for a giant cemetery. Upon searching, people as well as animals, large fish and crocodiles had been located. About two hundred human tombs had been unearthed right here.
  1. Animals are also found withinside the Desert, a number of which include biscra, catfish, gerbil, ostrich, gerboa, cape hare, desert elephant, barbarian sheep, dama deer, Nubian wild donkey.
  1. The Sahara also incorporates a large number of species of birds, the Desert is located withinside the continent of Africa.
  1. To the west of the Desert, large mounds of sand are found withinside the Marisinia region. The height of some sand dunes reaches 180 meters.
  1. This Desert is spread over an area of ​​about ninety two lakh square kilometers. Its length is about 4800 km from west to east and its width from north to south is 1800 km.
  1. However, in scientific language, it’s far believed to be the main reason for global warming. It is said that in one hundred years, the area of ​​the desert has increased to nine lakh square kilometer.
  1. The name of the Desert is derived from the Sahara Arabic language which means desert. The area of ​​the Desert is about 2 times the area of ​​India, the worlds longest Nile River passes through the eastern part of the Desert. On December 19, 2016, the Sahara was snowed after 37 years.
  1. Several years ago, snow fell withinside the Desert, forming a river known as Guelta darchei and drinking the water of this river, the animals of Sahara Desert.
  1. The most unique mystery of this desert is the blue eye that remains here. This amazing artwork does not look like the human eye but looks precisely like the human eye. This eye may be clearly visible from space.
  1. Many researchers believe that this eye was created by humans and according to many researchers, this amazing structure is believed to have been created by the alien in the middle of the sand. Apart from this, there are many secrets related to the Sahara Desert.

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