places to visit in sasan gir forest


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Sasan gir forest

sasan gir forest

The national park attracts a large number of tourists to see the Asiatic lion, as it is the only place in the world where these creatures are currently found. The sanctuary is open to tourism from October 16 to June 15 each year. Although Gir National Park is known for its lions, the biodiversity is vast and in addition to lions, there are hundreds of types of animals. The entire forest area of ​​Gir National Park is dry and deciduous, making it the best habitat for Asian lions. According to the 2015 census, the entire Saurashtra region is home to 523 lions and over 300 leopards.

Jamzir Waterfall

Jamzir Waterfall, sasan gir forest

Jamzir Waterfall are located in Sasan Gir district in Gujarat state. The town of Kodinar is near this waterfall and at a distance of 23.4 km from Gir National Park. Jamzir Gir Waterfall is a very beautiful place to visit in Junagadh, Gujarat. Jamwala is a beautiful waterfall in Jamzir Waterfall. There is a lot of amazing beauty around Jamzir Waterfall. This is one of the beautiful places to visit in sasan gir. The best time to visit Jamzir Waterfall is from August to October. it is the monsoon period and there is a slight heat these days, with that the water flow in the waterfall is very good.

Kankai Mata Temple

If you go to Gir National Park, then you can also go to visit Kankai Mata temple which is located here. This Kankai Mata Temple is located in the forest, 25 km from Gir National Park. This temple is revered by the Gujaratis. Here you can eat free food in the form of prasad. There is a lot of greenery here so you can take a walk here too.

This place is located in the middle of the forest, 25 km from Sasan Gir very wild place, here you can hear the roar of lions and the sounds of other animals at night. Here the forestry department does not allow more than 50 worshipers to stay overnight.

The Devaliya Safari Park

The Devaliya Safari Park

places to visit in sasan gir includes The Devaliya Safari Park. The Devaliya Safari Park is one of those areas associated with Gir, which offers tourists more beauty and a special wilderness experience in this region. This safari is done from a jeep safari. In The Devaliya Safari Park Max 6 people can come in this jeep or you can book a jeep by yourself, you need to pay Rs 5300 to book a jeep.You can also book the jeep online but you must have ID to reach Gir. The jeep will pick you up from your hotel and drop you there. This jeep takes you to another cross section of Gir. During this 20 to 30 minute tour, tourists can see Asiatic lions and other wildlife.

Kamleshwar Dam

Kamleshwar Dam

If you go to Gir National Park, you can also visit Kamleshwar Dam. Kamleshwar Dam has been carefully landscaped by Sasan Gir National Park. Kamleshwar Dam is built on the Hiran River. This dam is also known as the lifebuoy of Gir Park. This dam is a breeding ground for a variety of birds and crocodiles from the Gir swamps.

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