Bhangarh fort story (Haunted places in rajasthan)


Bhangarh fort story

Bhangarh fort story, Haunted places in rajasthan

There are so many stories about the fort of Bhangarh that it has started to be called a bastion of ghosts, people are afraid to come here in the light in the dark.A creepy ruin has centuries of history occurring and a precious heritage is suffocated within the walls of suffocation.It is said that almost 300 years ago due to a curse, the entire Bhangarh was destroyed. No evidence has been found yet of how true this story is but it is very interesting to hear.At the entrance of this fort, the Archaeological Survey Department of the Government of India has written on the information board of the fort that this fort can be entered from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm Most of the palaces and havelis located in the Bhangarh Fort have now been turned into ruins.These ruins help in making this fort a ghostly palace and also provide the basis for the ghostly stories associated with this fort.

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Bhangarh fort story

Bhangarh Fort  horror places

Excavation by ASI has found enough evidence of this city being an ancient historical site, at present, this fort is being looked after by the Government of India.Has been Teams of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), India are present around the fort and have instructed that entry into the area is prohibited after sunset.The local residents here say that there is a terrible kind of nightfall from this fort at night.Voices come.He also says that till today, anyone who went inside this fort at night did not return, but how much is the truth behind this horrifying fear of Bhangarh and how much myth is there? No one could bear the curtain from this rule till date.Located in Jaipur, the heart of Rajasthan, this fort is known as Bhangarh Fort.The story of Bhangarh is mysterious and very interesting.In 1573, Bhangarh Fort was built by Raja Bhagwant Das of Amer.The fort remained inhabited for 300 years after the settlement.Raja Madho Singh, the younger brother of King Sawai Man Singh, made Bhangarh Fort his residence in the 16th century.All the princes of the surrounding states wanted to marry her but Ratnavati did not like any one.But Singhia, who lived in the same state, who knew black magic, was also eyeing Ratnavati.He was obsessed with Rani Ratnavati’s form and wanted to marry her, but Ratnavati had never seen him turning around.The shop that used to go for the perfume for Rani Ratnavati, went to that shop and got black magic on the perfume bottle sent to Ratnavati.Having used the mantra on him.But the effect of this black magic was overturned on Singhia and coming under a heavy stone, the black magician lost his life.But while dying, he cursed the entire Bhangarh, including the princess, that all the people living in this palace and Bhangarh will die and they will never be able to be born again, their souls will always be imprisoned at this place.

Just a few days after the death of Singhia, a massacre took place between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh in which all the Bhangarh residents, including Princess Ratnavati, were killed. There was an agreement about the matter, which was not accepted by the king later and Baba cursed him that no one will survive in this fort and anyone who comes here will be killed. Since then, this fort has been deserted and there are ghosts in it even today.People believe that this was the reason that the fort was abandoned soon after its construction, and the city became deserted due to being haunted.Bhangarh Fort has been declared as Bhutia Fort by the Department of Archeology due to mysterious incidents.The Archaeological Department has also set up an office to monitor this fort and put a board on the entrance gate of the fort.On which is clearly written.Entry into the fort is prohibited after sunrise and sunset in this fort.

Bhangarh fort story

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