most interesting eiffel tower facts And history

interesting eiffel tower

interesting eiffel tower facts and history facts about the eiffel tower, eiffel tower Facts, history of eiffel tower,eiffel tower facts,interesting eiffel tower facts  1. The foundation of this most beautiful tower in the world was laid on 26 January 1887 on the banks of the Seine River in ‘Champ-de-Mars’ in Paris. It was built in 1887 … Read more

Here are some interesting France Facts

France facts

france facts France is very beautiful and many people come from all over the world to see its beauty and art.After India, the film industry of France is second in the world.France is as beautiful as it makes it different.france facts is the slogan of equality, freedom and brotherhood is the product of the French … Read more

25 Amazing facts about burj khalifa


facts about burj khalifa The world’s the largest building is “burj khalifa” one of the world’s the richest towns in Dubai. The “burj khalifa” is owned by Dubai MR Properties (Emir Properties) Company. It has a complete of 163 floors, fifty eight automatic. There are elevators, 309 hotels, 900 apartments, 37 office floors and 2957 … Read more

most interesting facts about Australia

Facts about Australia

interesting facts about Australia facts about Australia,most interesting facts about Australia, 1. Most Australians live in the cities around the coasts, away from the harsh climate of the interior. 2. Today, there are about 100 million sheep in Australia most of them on farms called stations. 3. In 1901, Australia became an independent commonwealth. 4. … Read more

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