most interesting facts about Australia


interesting facts about Australia

facts about Australia,most interesting facts about Australia,

1. Most Australians live in the cities around the coasts, away from the harsh climate of the interior.

2. Today, there are about 100 million sheep in Australia most of them on farms called stations.

3. In 1901, Australia became an independent commonwealth.

4. Australians are also experts at cricket, tennis, and their own brand of football, called Australian Rules.

5. In 1770 the British sailor James Cook came to Australia and returned to the east coast of England to learn all the details of British colonial rule. sparsely populated continent.

6. The barrel is the discovery of Australia, just like the discovery of the selfie.

7. Australians love the outdoors, and sports are a major part of their lifestyle. Sandy beaches, warm water, and good surf make swimming, sailing, waterskiing, and surfing extremely popular.

8. In the year 2000, Sydney hosted the Olympic Games.

9. The “New Australians” include Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese. These groups have brought their own languages, festivals, and types of food.

10. This day is still celebrated as Australia’s national holiday.

facts about Australia,most interesting facts about Australia,

interesting facts about Australia

11. Some stations are huge and cover up to 5,792 sq miles (15,000 sq km), which is half the size of Belgium.

12. For many years, Australia allowed only white people to settle; mostly people from Britain, Italy, and Greece.

13. On January 26, 1788, the British established the first colony in Australia.

14. The British traveler Matthew Flinders suggested the name of the continent Terra Australia in 1804, which eventually became the current name of Australia.

15. The British founded 6 colonies in Australia and gained independence in Australia.

16. In the 19th century and January 1, 1901, all of these colonies were united into a union and modern Australia was born.

17. More than 25% of the Australian population comes from other countries.

18. More than 80% of Australians live within 100 kilometers of the.

19. Australia has 31 time zones, 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.Hence there are eight sheep per person.

20. Box jellyfish have caused more deaths in Australia than snakes, sharks and seawater.

21. Ten of the 15 most poisonous snakes in the world have been found in Australia.

22. Australia is a snake-friendly, warm sand continent.

23. Australia is also home to poisonous spiders. Atrax Robustus) is located 100 km from Sydney.

24. The world’s first seat belt law came into force in Victoria, Australia, in 1970.

25. Australia is the second country in the world to grant women the right to vote.

26. In 1902, Australian privilege was granted to women. The first country is New Zealand.

27.Australia has several restaurants and shopping malls with classical music playing in the parking lot.

28. This is to prevent young people from walking at night.

29. Australian police treat offenders higher than in other countries.

30. Australia is the only country in the world that eats animals with the national emblem.

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facts about Australia,most interesting facts about Australia,

 facts about Australia

31. The longest fence in the world is located in Australia, with a total length of 5,530 kilometers.

32. The longest golf course in the world is in Australia and is over 850 miles long.

33. The poverty rate in Australia is very low.

34.Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide are among the most dynamic cities in the world by Economist magazine over the years.

35. However, their home prices are among the highest in the world, and Australians have much higher home loans.

36. Australia has a desert area called inland.

37.There are about one million camels living in the wild in this area.

38. These wild camels are now under the control of the National Wild Camel Management Plan.

39. The Night Watch is Australia’s first police force, established in 1789. Interestingly, this force is made up of “educated criminals.

40. Australia has three different time zones: Australian Eastern Standard, Australian Central Standard and Western Australian Standard.

amazing facts about Australia

41. More than 80% of plants, mammals, frogs and reptiles are unique to Australia and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

42. The first European Dutch tourist to visit the Netherlands was William Jansun (William Jansun), who came to Australia in 1600.

43. Since then, many Dutch people have continued to make cards and will call them “New Holland” for the next 100 years.

44. There is a pink “Hillier” lake in Australia and so far scientists cannot understand why it is pink.

45. Electricity prices in Australia are the highest in the world.

46. Australian laws are so strict that only licensed masons in Victoria, Australia can replace Melbourne.

47.There is a rule that punishes singing dirty songs because as long as a song like this is sung, its sound does not reach other people’s ears for whom it could be sentenced to 6 months in For the past three years, Melbourne has earned the title of Most Livable City in the World.

48. In 1932 the Australian Army organized a Mu against Western Australia and the country’s population increased but was unfortunately defeated.

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