8- BEST Places to Visit in Rajkot


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Places to Visit in Rajkot, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

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Places to Visit in Rajkot includes Vibhoji Jadeja in 1910 The name Sarghar founded Rajkot on the banks of the river Aji, where Mahatma Gandhi spent his childhood and early life. His abode is known as ‘Kaba Gandhi’s Della’. The city of Rajkot is known for its manufacturing of engines, electric motors, water pumps and spare parts for machinery. Mahatma Gandhi High School (Afred High School), Watson Museum, Ramakrishna Paramahansa’s Temple, Racecourse, Rajkumar College, Hemu Gadhvi Theater, Lal Pari Lake, Aji Dam etc. are some of the places of interest here. Rajkot is the headquarters of Saurashtra University.


The place is famous for the location of his wife Virbai Mata and free food is provided to the pilgrims visiting the temple.


The city is famous for the temple of Bhubaneswari Devi. King Bhagwat Singhji e. Q. In 1865, the first dictionary of the Gujarati language, Bhagwad Gomandal, was created. The TED Valkha Darbargadh is worth a visit.


The city is known for the production and dyeing of saris. The construction here is famous all over India.


This place is famous as the station of Ramdev Peer.

 Ghela Somnath

Places to Visit in Rajkot Jasdan has an ancient temple of Lord Somnath on the banks of Ghela river. 


Here is the ancient temple of Bileshwar Mahadev.

Lalpari Lake

Lalpari lake located in rajkot.it is a very beautiful lake.

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