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Polo forest

Polo Forest / vijaynagar polo forest

There are many things to do and see in Gujarat. The famous hill station is located here. There is a desert. is the sea. It’s a jungle of gears. things to do in polo There are historical forts. But the journey did not end there. Gujarat Polo Forest is famous for many years. The polo forest in Sabarkantha has become an important place in Gujarat. Every year millions of tourists come to see Forest Polo. When 20000 to 25,000 tourists arrived from Saturday to Sunday.

A Day Trip A historic picnic area.

The name of this place is Vijayanagar Polo Forest, which is also known as Polo Forest. This hollow forest of Vijayanagar is spread over an area of ​​3-4 km. The happiness of this forest doubles during the rainy season. The vegetation forms an interesting sight and the waterfalls – considered one of the best places for nature lovers, where you can feel yourself in the lap of nature.The Polo Forest is full of natural beauty, with lush green hills, waterfalls, rivers, ponds, dams and historic temples suitable for nature lovers. things to do in polo No less than heaven. The Polo Forest is the intersection of nature, culture and history in Warsaw. Polo Forest is known for the rare creatures like Udti Kiskoli, Gray Hornbill, Barbiet, Indian Bear, Tendwa. here are some interesting things to do in polo forest.

things to do in polo Forest

  • Bath in harnav River and visit Shiva temple
  • Hindu and Jain temple
  • Lakhena-na-Dera
  • Harnav Dam
  • Trekking
  • jeep Safari
  • Bird watching
  • Enjoy sunset

River and shiv temple

things to do in polo

This city was built by the King of Parihar on the banks of the Harnav River. It was very beautiful at the time and was conquered by the King Rathod of Rajasthan. Later, Pol remained under the Idar State.

The Polo Forest is the gateway between Gujarat and Rajasthan. Dwar means polo in Rajasthani, which is why the king of Rajasthan calls it polo.Also known as the gateway of Gujarat. things to do in polo Maharana Pratap had taken shelter for some time in the forest of Polo Forest and made a system of warfare.
Harnav river flows through the polo forest, you can swim and enjoy nature. You can bathe in the Harnav River and visit the Shiva temple.

It is believed that this Shiva temple was built in the 15th century. It is a threestory temple with walls on all sides. It has two doors. Today the temple is in dilapidated condition. The carvings on the outer wall of this temple show the statues of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, Parvati, Ganesha, Yama, Brahma, Indra. Together with the social life system of that time, humans, plants, animals, birds have also been made. things to do in polo There are also ruins of some small temples around. And Chamunda Mata’s temple has also come nearby. A water tank has come to the west of the temple. Nearby I have come across the remains of two secondary temples of Shiva Trayatan which are dedicated to Lakshminarayan and Shakti.

Hindu and Jain temple

things to do in polo

Most of the temple is located in the villages of Abhapur and Atarsuba.There is an umbrella-shaped samadhi in front of the Polo Lodge, built tocommemorate thekings of Palihar. Thelocals still worship this Samadhi.


things to do in polo

Lakhena-naDera was built in the 15th century and mainly contains three Jain temples. It is located in the village of Abhapur. There is a 43kilometer tunnel leading to Eider Fort.

Harnav Dam

green trees and plants during daytime

The tourist attraction Dam built a dam on the Harnav Vanaj dam Harnav this dam is called Vanaj .You can enjoy boating on this dam, there are many beautiful and wonderful scenery, so you can take videos and photos here.


Polo Forest is famous for its beauty, but if you like trekking then do not forget to trek here and Adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, cycling/bike ride.

jeep Safari

you will cover archaeological, heritage, culture, Religious tourism along with wild safari tours,You can also see wild animals while enjoying nature while doing jeep safari.

Bird watching

If you have a passion for bird watching and you are going polo then this would be a great option because here there are more than 290 kinds of bird species, more than 35 kinds of reptiles, more than 30 kinds of mammals and as many as 500 kinds of medicinal plants in the polo forest, and a large number of exotic birds have also poured in.

Camp fire (at the resort)with activities, Team games.

Polo Forest is a very good place for picnic.

Enjoy sunset

The Polo Forest is as beautiful as it has a great history, there are many very old temples here.

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