skiing in india Best places to visit

skiing in india

In India, it is hotter than cold, but there are many states in India in which it is very cold. As soon as winter arrives in India, a golden time begins for skiing lovers. There are many places for skiing where you can go skiing.

Explore the best skiing spots in india , make your trip unforgettable and enjoy the snow World.


skiing in india

Pahalgam is popular with tourists because of its exciting routes.

The main skiing destination in Pahalgam is Aru, which is within walking distance and is the perfect place to experience the thrill of skiing here.

Pahalgam is a beautiful town in the Anantnag region of Jammu and Kashmir. The city is surrounded by the western Himalayas.

There is heavy snowfall in winter, making it an ideal skiing destination.


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Gulmarg is likewise blanketed withinside the 7th excellent ski vacation spot in Asia.

Gulmarg, positioned withinside the Barmala district of Jammu and Kashmir, is understood for skiing. During winters, heaps of ski fanatics come right here to play with snow.

In Gulmarg Apart from skiing, you may additionally experience the gondola cable car. One can come right here from November to March to experience skiing.


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There are many activities here, including skiing, rope mode, paragliding and horse riding, which are very popular with visitors.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Manali, the Solang Valley, located about 14 km from Manali, is on the Manali Road to Rotang Pass.

In addition to the annual winter festival held in winter, there are many visitors here. This place is also known as the Snow Point because it snows a lot in winter.


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Kullu is likewise very famous in phrases of snowboarding due to the fact aside from Gulmarg, if the best slopes are to be had for snowboarding, then it’s miles Kullu.

There are slopes as much as an altitude of five thousand meters for snowboarding lovers, in which the a laugh of snowboarding is some thing else.

Apart from this, the slopes right here are pretty easy.


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Auli is placed at a distance of approximately 250 kms from Rishikesh, that’s widely recognized through all skilled snowboarding professionals.This is one of the best places of skiing in india

Auli is located withinside the western area of Gharwali hills at an altitude of 2500 to 3000 meters above sea level.

The town stays ordinarily untouched through the overall public and is extraordinarily clean.

Apart from being one of the high-quality snowboarding locations in India, Auli additionally affords each skier with outstanding perspectives of numerous snow-clad peaks like Dunagiri, Mount Nanda Devi, Nar Parvat, Maina Parvat, Ghodi Parvat, Neelkanth, Bithertoli and Hathi Parbat.

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