Geography of USA

Geography of USA Area 3,716,654 sq miles(9,626,091 sq km)Population 313 millionCapital Washington, D.C.Currency US dollarOfficial language EnglishLife expectancy 78 years The United States of America (USA) wasfounded in 1776 on principles of individualfreedom and a government voted for by thepeople. It is now the most powerful countryin the world and the third most populated.The main … Read more


Germany Geography

GERMANY LYING AT THE HEART OF EUROPE, Germany is one of the world’s wealthiest nations. In its present form, Germany is also one of the newest countries in Europe. After World War II, it was divided into two separate countries – West Germany, a western-style democracy, and East Germany, a communists State In 1990, the … Read more

Saturn Planet- Facts, Size, Temperature

Saturn Planet

Saturn Planet  Saturn is the second largest planet of the solar system in mass and size and the sixth in distance from the Sun. It occu-pies almost 60 percent of Jupiter’s volume but has only about one-third of its mass and the lowest mean density—about 70 percent that of water—of any known object in the … Read more

facts about the universe that will blow your mind

facts about the universe that will blow your mind

OBSERVING THE   UNIVERSE What is space? We live on a small, blue planet called Earth. It has a surface of liquid water and rock and is surrounded by a blanket of air called the atmosphere. Space begins at the top of the atmosphere. It is an unimaginably vast, silent, and largely empty place, but it has many amazing properties. Blacker than black In … Read more

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