List of top journalism colleges in the world


List of top journalism colleges in the world

The journalist is always involved in the selection and presentation of what he or she considers to be noteworthy, and in meeting the standard of truth and honesty in reporting. Journalism incorporates everything from the “hard” news of politics and public affairs, to the softer side, which includes human interest and celebrity stories. Today, journalism also delivers lifestyle messages, medical updates, weather, science, education, and much more.It’s a tough time to be a journalist, but journalism is still one of the noblest professions. It is still a profession where you’re paid to satisfy curiosities – even if the pay is not the same as it was once.

Top journalism colleges & University in USA

USA is one of the most preferred destination for journalism. bachelor’s degree is the average basic requirement. Common majors for journalists are of course journalism, but can also include communications, English literature, and creative writing. It’s not necessary to major in journalism to find journalism jobs, but it is a benefit. Student prefer to study in USA because of good quality of education and life.

1 Northwestern University

 Journalism is one of the most popular majors at Northwestern, and for good reason. 

2 University of Missouri—Columbia (Mizzou)

3 University of California (UC) Berkeley Berkeley, California Graduate

4 Columbia University New York, New York Graduate, Doctoral

5 The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism New York, New York Graduate

6 University of Florida Gainesville, Florida Undergraduate, Graduate

7 New your University

Top journalism colleges & University in Uk

 UK Journalism course focuses on the core skills needed to prepare you for a career in print and online. You will focus on the practice of investigation and reporting of events, issues, and trends to a broad audience, with modules taking place on digital journalism, journalism in a wider global context, magazine journalism, multi-media journalism and the craft of short hand.

1 Oxford Brookes University. Oxford Brookes University’s BA (Hons) Media, Journalism and Publishing degree was named the best in the UK by The Guardian.

2 University of Strathclyde. 

3 University of Sheffield. 

4 Cardiff University. 

5 Staffordshire University.

6 Goldsmiths, University of London. 

7 King’s College London (KCL) 

8 University of Leeds.

Top journalism colleges & University in Canada

Journalism universities in Canada prepare you with the hands-on skills, expertise and knowledge to enter a field with enormous potential. Furthermore, it gives students a distinguished skill set that provides them an edge in the job market. That’s why it is one of the preferred destinations for studying abroad. 

Bachelor of Journalism in Canada is of three to four years duration. It is an education course that provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge required for working in a multi-platform digital environment.

1 Northwestern University Evanson, IL

2 University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA

3 The University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX

4 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel 

5 University of Toronto 

6 University of Montreal

7 University of Ottawa 

8 Laval University

Top journalism colleges & University in Australia

Alongside the US and the UK, Australia is one of the leaders of international education, with seven universities featured in the top 100 universities in the world.An undergraduate degree in journalism will give you an insight into the discipline, covering topics like writing, communication, reporting, ethics and media. 

it is one of the preferred destinations for studying abroad.

1 University Sydney

2 The University of Queensland.

3 Swinburne University of Technology.

4 University of Canberra

5 Griffith University.

6 Bond University.

7 University of Wollongong.

8 The University of Melbourne.

9 Curtin University.

10 University of Technology Sydney.

Top journalism colleges & University in France.

France offers a good quality of higher education system to not only its citizens but also foreigners. The country’s dynamic culture attracts foreign students and those interested in pursuing international courses. France has a tradition of scientific and technological innovation. This ensures that scholars fully utilize their creativity. France is also a very demanding for abroad studies.

1 Paris College of Art

2 The American University of Paris

3 ESCP Business School Paris

4 Toulouse School

5 International  of Monaco

Top journalism colleges & University in Germany.

Germany is one of the most preferred destination to study abroad. Germany offers good quality of higher education and work life.German higher education institutions have excellent standards, high expectations, and empower students to become leaders in their academic (and future professional) fields. For journalism it is the best choice to study in Germany.

1 Macromedia University

2 University of Hamburg

3 University and District Library Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

4 University of Music and Performing Arts Munich

5 Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt

Top journalism colleges & University in Italy.

For those who are interested in studying in a Italy with a rich heritage, Italy is the right place. It is one of the best destination to study journalism. itlay has a good quality of higher education and quality of work life.

1 Cabot University Guarini Campus

2 Link Campus University

3 Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

4 University for Foreigners of Perugia (Università per Stranieri di Perugia)

5 University of Teramo

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