kuldhara Abandoned village story jaisalmer Rajasthan


kuldhara Abandoned village story

kuldhara Abandoned village story

kuldhara Abandoned village story,kuldhara history rajasthan,

These village has become one of the most famous haunted tourist spots in the country today.This village has always been in the discussion about the stories of ghosts. This village can be called the most dangerous village in India.People of the Peranormal Society said that there is something unusual in this Kuldhara village. At night, they felt that someone had laid their hands on their shoulders, but when they looked back, there was no one there.It is said that this village is in the possession of spiritual forces.

kuldhara Abandoned village story,kuldhara history rajasthan,

Now this village has become a completely tourist place.According to those visiting Kuldhara village, the call of Paliwal Brahmins living here is heard even today.There are always the voices of market movements, the talk of women and the sound of their bangles and pilings always.The economically prosperous Paliwal Brahmins used to do business and farming.There are cellars in the inner parts of the houses of this village.It is believed that the villagers will keep their jewelery, cash and other valuables in these cellars.Kuldhara is located at a distance of about 18 km from Jaisalmer.It is said that there were 84 villages in this area of ​​Paliwal community and this was one of them.

The village has been deserted for the last 170 years.At that time there were 600 houses in Kuldhara village which was settled in 1291 by a branch of Paliwal Brahmins.

A village that was deserted by night and for centuries people still could not understand what was the secret of deserting this village.Did not convert.

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kuldhara Abandoned village story,kuldhara history rajasthan,

story of kuldhara, kuldhara village history

story of kuldhara

Nearly 84 villages around Paliwal used to be inhabited by Brahmins, but then Kuldhara got a bad eye of someone and that person was Diwan Salam Singh of the princely The daughter of a village priest saw the evil eye of Salem Singh and became insistent on the beautiful girl like Salem Singh.Salem Singh gave the villagers a few days’ time to marry the girl.Five thousand families left the stateThis fight was now about the honor of a unmarried girl in the village and the self-respect of the village.The Paliwal Brahmins met at the village chaupal and more than 5000 families took the decision to leave the princely state for their honor.

kuldhara village history

The next evening, Kuldhara was so deserted that today even Parinde does not enter the borders of that village.Village is in possession of spiritual forcesIt is said that those Brahmins cursed this place while leaving the village.Since today, this desolate village is under the occupation of spiritual forces, which often make the visitors here feel their presence.The village has a temple and a stepwell, which is still free from curse.It is said that after dusk, some voices are often heard here.People believe that that voice is the pain of the 18th century from which the Paliwal Brahmins had gone.It is said that now there is the rule of souls, which come out at night.

This event has been over 200 years.Since 1825, no one has lived here.No exact information is available about where the residents of this village left the place overnight.

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