most interesting facts about spain


most interesting facts about spain

Interesting facts about spain, facts spain,

1. Located in the city of Madrid, this restaurant named Botin was opened from 1725.

2. In Spain, people drive on the right side of the road.

3. Valencia, Spain’s third largest city, was under the control of a Muslim ruler for five centuries at a time.

most interesting facts about spain

4.Civil war was waged in Spain from 1936 to 1939.More than 500,000 people were killed in this armed struggle between Republicans and nationalists led by General Francisco Franco.

5. In the Paralympics held in 2000, the Spanish basketball team had to return their gold medal because no disabilities were found in 10 out of 12 players of their team.

6. It is illegal to walk with more than 8 dogs on the streets of Madrid.

7. Those walking on the streets of the city without Palma de Mallorca can also be slapped with a fine of € 600.

8. Madrid is one of the most environmentally friendly places in the world.

9. About 60,000 animals die every year in Spain.

10. The people of Madrid city of Spain are often called “gatos”, which means cat.Because they sleep all day and stay out all night.

11.This is because more than 16,000 religious festivals and festivals are celebrated here every year, in which cruelty is done to animals.

12. A festival called ‘Burning the bull’ is celebrated every year in Valencia, Foios, Spain, in which a bull’s horn is set on fire and run on the streets.

13. Residents of this 400-year-old festival consider it an unbreakable part of their tradition.

14. The ‘Pero Palo Festival’ is celebrated in the city of Villanueva de la Vera, Western Spain.

15.Spain is considered the 13th largest economy in the world and the 5th largest economy in the European Union.

16. Spain first started using the euro as its main currency in 1999, after it was first introduced in the European Union.

17. The government of Spain is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy and is highly decentralized.

18. Each of Spain’s 17 regions controls its own schools, hospitals, and public services.

19. Spain is very mountainous, and the second most mountainous European country after Switzerland.

Interesting facts about spain, facts spain,

most interesting facts about spain

20. Bullfighting is another popular sport in Spain.

21. Bullfights are also considered a work of art by some audiences due to the colorful outfits of the bullfighters and the way the bullfighters perform in the ring.

22. The Bulls Festival is held in Spain every year.

23. Spain, gestures are often used instead of words.For example, tying your left elbow to your right means that a person is a pincer.

24. Spain’s divorce rate is very low, and only 5% of children in Spain are born to unmarried parents.

25. 500,000 Gypsies live in Spain.

26. Most of them live in permanent inhabitants in the south, although there are still large amounts of traveling gypsies that pass through Spain.

27. Many Spanish women keep their maiden name after marriage.

28. Once they have children, the children take the husband’s last name, so the mother’s maiden name is omitted after a generation.

29. Quill Penn was first born in Spain 1400 years ago.

30. To be married in the Spanish country, one must be at least 16 years old.

31. Spain has a festival called ‘La tomatina’, in which people kill tomatoes on each other.

32. Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe.

33. If you have gone for a trip in Spain and you have done evil to the Spanish royal family, then you can be sentenced to 2 years.

34. There are more than 40 highest buildings in Spain that do not have elevators.

35. Spain, on most festivals, cruelty is done to animals, due to which 60,000 animals die every year.

36. Only 13.6% of Spain’s population attends church on Sundays.

37. Spain is also a popular tourist spot country in the world.

Interesting facts about spain, facts spain,

most interesting facts about spain

38. The country is known for its captivating mountain range, bull fight, La Tomatina festival, flamenco music, and beautiful beaches.

39. Spain has also been the cultural center of Europe for thousands of years.

40. Olive oil is made in Spain by 43% of the world’s total consumption.

41. The monarchy system is restored in Spain.

42. The full name of Spain is Kingdom of Spain.

43. The national animal of Spain is “Bull” .

44. In Spain, The official languages ​​are Castilian Spanish (74%) followed by Catalan (17%), Galician (7%), and Basque (2%).

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