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Writing career

career as a writer’s

career as a writer’s

writer’s who create the magic of words are writers.But after taking the arts and becoming a writer, the opinion of the people is such that the writer isn’t a very good career option.But there are many such writer’s who write very well.So if you also want to become a writer. And want to be famous in the world with this passion.So surely look at it as a career option So let us tell you how to become a writer To become a writer, you should have a very good knowledge of whatever language you want to write in. Writing field is too big you have to suck What kind of writer do you want to be..

Steps to become a writer

  • Pass class 12th
  • Earn Bachelor’s degree in journalism
  • Do an internship
  • Gain some experience
  • Earn Master degree in journalism
  • Earn PhD degree (it can take 4 to 6 years to complete)

other Steps to become a writer

  • pass class 12th
  • Earn bachelor degree in english or any other languages
  • Earn Master degree in english
  • Earn PhD degree


  • After 12th you can take admission in diploma or certificat Courses.

Courses and Eligiblity and entrance exam

Bachelor Degree: – Bachelor degree can be done to proceed in writing after 12th class.

Bachelor of journalism & mass communication

  • DUET
  • SET

BA in English or Hindi

BA in english literature

Master Degree: – If you have done Bachelor degree and want to move towards writing, you can master.

Master of journalism & mass communication

MA in english or hindi

MA in english literature

Phd in journalism & mass communication

Phd in english literature

Diploma: – Diploma in writing can be taken after class XII.

Diploma in journalism

Diploma in creative writing

certificate:- certificate in writing can be done after the class 12th.

Certificate in creative writing

Types of writing

Web Content Writer

The creation of digital media has provided an extraordinary career on this field as an internet content material writer’s. Today, there is a huge demand for good web content writers in the job marketplace.

Technical writers

There is lots of demand for technical writers because of new technology updates everyday. Let us let you know that every day new technology is coming in the marketplace, companies want technical writer’s to bring new technology and new products to the people.

Resume Writer

To get any job, it is very important for the resume to be attractive. But aside from the attractiveness of the résumé, its content should also have merit. A correct resume can help you get a job. Given the importance of resumes, the demand for resume writer’s in the marketplace has increased tremendously.


This type of writers writes to express his opinion on various social issues and this form of writers is often related to NGOs.

Science Writer

If you’re related with technology and have a special interest in technology then you can become a writer of this type.

Screen writer

If you’ve got a good understanding to your imagination and you write fictional stories, then you script Can become a writer. It is important to word that such type of writers are in great demand in todays time.

Host Writer

Nowadays people are pretty fond of writing their autobiography. Especially a few celebrities like to write autobiography on their life. But do you already know that the host writer is at the back of the autobiography of those famous people.


This form of writers are needed in almost each office. If you could attract people on your article by writing attractive articles, then you can become such a writer.

Employment opportunities

  • High school and Colleges
  • news papers
  • Tv
  • Radio
  • Media Agencies

Reason to choose writing

  • Enjoyment
  • To have an impact on people or change the worldTo assist others
  • To depart a legacy
  • Youre excellent at it


According to Glassdoor The country wide common income for a Writer is ₹3,92,353 in India.

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