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voice over artist

Many people believe that art is not a good field, so very few people are able to suck art and become an artist and follow their passion.But once you get into the profession of your choice, then you can move a lot further on the strength of your skills.

To become a voice artist, some qualification is not required, but if you have a good voice, then you can take a job without doing any degree.Nowadays a lot of new professions are coming, but this profession is not new, but there are many changes in it day by day.So if you also want to become a voice over artist, then you can also become a Voice artist follower by following the steps given below.

The first voice is recorded in a voice over. After that the voice is added to the video. Voice hours are most typically used in video documentaries, news reports, video games, animation films, and onhold messages. Today, the marketplace of dubbing movies withinside the movie industry is increasing. Most of the have an impact on in our voice is of our mother tongue.

We listen to advertisements on radio, cinema, television. Watch films of different languages ​​of their mom tongue. After all, who’re those people, who provide their voice in them or even after staying at the back of the curtain, they dominate the hearts and minds of the people? Voice over artist to the artist who offers voice in all those.

voice over

Steps to become a Voice over artist

  • Pass class 12th
  • Earn bachelor degree
  • earn diploma or Certificate course
  • Do an internship
  • Gain some experience


  • Diploma in Voice and Dubbing
  • Certificate in Voice and Dubbing

After doing this specialised course students can get the possibility to work as a Voice Over or Dubbing artists in TV , Radio, Film Industry, Theatre.

If you need to make a career as a voice artist or dubbing artist then you definitely have to have a few unique qualities. In a voice artist, it’s far very essential to have a voice modulation, pronunciation, language.

Apart from this, the voice artist needs to change his voice in line with the person or situation. Like in location of emotion and comedy, it’s far vital to mold your voice accordingly.

Skills required

  • Reading skills
  • Voice clear
  • acting skills
  • technical knowledge

The announcer must master the skills of recording, no matter what it means to use sound. When exploring voice transmission requirements, keep in mind that this is a complex and versatile technology in the industry.These attributes are essential for dubbing movies and dubbing in different languages.A professional TV host can change the tone and personality of his voice to suit the characteristics and purpose of the recording.


According to indeed The average salary for a voice artist is ₹ 18,462 per month in India.

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