How to become an Architect in India


How to Become an Architect?

Being an Architect can be the right career option for you. Not only Architects are one of the highest-paid in India, but also you can start your Architect firm with your unique designs. Architects who are up to date with all the latest trends are always kept busy planning and designing for their clients.

Design architect

This type of architect works on the overall design and structure of a building. A design architect may create the initial outline of a structure, formulate blueprints and adjust the building design to suit the client’s preferences. This professional may also play a role in the selection of the materials used to build the structure as well as oversee the construction and design team throughout the build process.


Must have passed class 12th.

Must have passed class 10th if you want to do this course in Diploma.


Bachelor’s degree

Masters degree

Diploma degrees

How to become an Architect.

First Earn a bachelor’s degree.

Participate in an internship program.

Become licensed. To become a practicing architect in your state, you must obtain licensure by passing the Architect Registration Examination.

Apply for the architect position.

There are some degree program.

Diploma in Construction

Management (DCM)

Diploma in Construction Technology (DCT)

Foundation Diploma in Architecture and Design (F.D.A.D.)

Post Graduate Diploma in Construction Management

Bachelor’s degree to become an Architect.


Bachelor of Architecture

Master degrees in architect


Master of Architecture

M.Arch. (Advanced Design)

Master of Architecture in Advanced Design

M.Arch. (Architectural Design)

Master in Architecture in Architectural Design

M.E. (Urban Design)

Master of Engineering in Urban Design

Masters in Planning

PhD in architect

Ph.D. (Architecture)

Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture

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