How to become a writer ?


How to become a writer?

writer are known by several names such as novelists, poets, lyricists etc. A writer is capable of inculcating feelings in a person through his writings. Creative writing requires a lot of research and hard work. A writer has to express his/ her feelings through imaginative ideas and thoughts.

To become a successful writer, one must be a voracious reader but must also possess certain other qualities like strong research skills, organizational skills, adaptability etc.

Steps to become a writer

Become a better reader.

Write Everyday.

Write on your Favorite topic

Read books everyday

Learn and listen more about topics

Enroll in an Online Writing Course

Earn bachelor degree

Do an internship under a famous writer

Learn how to be successful writer

Earn master degree

Write books

Earn PhD degree if you want 


Bachelor degree in English

Bachelor in journalism and Mass communication

Bachelor in professional writing

Bachelor in communication

Master in communication

Master in professional writing

Master in journalism

Master in English literature

PhD in English literature

PhD in professional writing

PhD in communication


Diploma in professional writing

Diploma in journalism

Diploma in communication

Minimum Education

For taking up Under Graduate courses in different languages, Journalism Mass Communication, a pass in Class 12 with a minimum of 45% marks in qualifying exams.

For certificate and diploma courses in creative writing, Class 12 is the minimum qualification.

Bachelor’s Degree


An early career Writer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹364,087 based on 56 salaries. A mid-career Writer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹406,946.

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