How to become a travel agent


Do you love to travel and are you looking for the jobs like traveling. Isn’t travelling is your passion than this is right and profitable career option for you.

A travel agent also plans trip itineraries and offers advice on destinations. Besides this, the travel agent is responsible for making travel arrangements for clients. Some of the major tasks performed by travel agents are arranging travel for business customers, calculating total travel costs and expenses, book reservations for hotels, rental cars, travel and special events, such as excursions and tours, finding schedule and fare information and suggesting destinations after checking the weather conditions.

People who are interested in travelling related activities can opt for this profile. The growth of a travel agent will totally be based on the hard work and the amount of sales he does every year.

How to become a travel agent?

Need a bachelor’s degree

Earn bachelor degree

Do an internship

Gain some experience

Earn master degree

Get a 5 to 7 years of experience

If you want to start a profitable business then first gain some experience do an internship. Then you should start your own business.

Minimum Education

No degree required but degree in traveling includes plus point.

Bachelor’s Degree in travel and tourism

Bachelor’s in travel management

MBA in travel management

MBA in Tavel and tourism management

Experience is necessary

This industry requires experience. Customers prefer to take advice from an experienced travel agent. Besides this, experienced professionals also have a higher chance of converting queries into sales.

Skills required

Excellent Communication Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills

Good Decision Making

Friendly nature

Good Attention to Detail

Good Administration Skills

Creative Skills

A travel agent can work in multiple sectors. 


Salary is between 2 to 6 lacs depends upon your experience and skills you have.

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