how to become a stockbroker in india


How to Become a Stockbroker?

A stockbroker or broker buys and sells stocks at the direction of clients. Most buy and sell orders are now made through online discount brokers. This automated process reduces fees.

If you have some knowledge of trading and if you are interested and if you know how stock market works then you can choose your career as a stockbroker. 

Aprofessional stockbroker doesn’t get salary they get fees which is paid by their clients.they get fees because they share their knowledge to their clients.

Needless to say, that’s not the reality for most stockbrokers, but it can be a lucrative and fulfilling career field if you’re the right kind of person. However, before you jump in with both feet, you need to understand a little more about what this job entails.

There are three kinds of stockbrokers in the market: discount brokers, bank brokers and full-service brokers.

Stock Broker also ensures that their stock trading company also makes maximum profit in the long run.

Minimum Education

Certificat courses

NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets

NSE’s Certified Market Professional

Certificate Programme on Capital Markets

Pgdm program

Post Graduate Diploma in Capital Market and Financial Services

Post Graduate Diploma in Fundamentals of Capital Market Development

Pgdm in economics and finance

Bachelor degree

Bachelor of commerce

Bachelor of commerce in finance or accounting or economics

Bachelor of economics

Bachelor of economics and finance

Master degree

MBA in finance

Professional certificat




Candidate has to qualify their 12th examination.

The minimum age required is 21 years.

Candidates, those with economics, commerce, business and finance qualifications can enter in this profession.

Steps to become a stock broker.

You have to register yourself with the stock exchange(s) depending upon your dealing in the securities listed at different stock exchanges.

After that, you have to pass a written test & then undergo training that includes subjects such as capital markets, accountancy, portfolio analysis, etc to become a member.

You have to deposit certain amount with the stock exchange as security for membership. Membership will be given after analysis that you are able to operate as a broker.

You have to take a BSE certification on derivatives exchange & NSE’s certification in Financial Markets.


stock broker may be arises in between Rs. 2 to 3 Lakh per annum. As you gain experience, then you can earn Rs. 5 to 7 Lakh per year.  

In abroad, you can getting a starting salary from £24,000 to £35,000 a year.

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