How to become a Social media manager


Social media manager

Social media manager

Today’s era has become the era of social media, everyone shares pictures where they see, shares videos, in this era of chatting and writing, the use of internet is increasing.

Nowadays everyone has started getting addicted to the Internet. Earlier, there used to be big holdings: The same marketing is done through the Internet today. Earlier people used to go out and bring all the same clothes, small pearls of home, but today everyone has started going on the internet and people like to do online shopping. It’s not necessary to do social media manager course. Due to which online marketing has increased and the scope of this jobs has also increased, in such a situation there can be a good opportunity for those who run after IT and Government Jobs. Today, we are going to tell you that How to become a Social media manager.

When a company or organization promotes a brand or advertises its products or services on social media platforms or advertises on these social media platforms, this is called social media marketing. social media manager course Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram are social media tools sold by almost every business or organization today. So let’s find out How to become a Social media manager.

The job of a social media manager is to present the brand in an attractive way on social media platforms. His/her main job is to improve the interaction between customers and customers so that each customer can communicate effectively with customers through social media. When we promote a brand on social media, it has both positive and negative effects, so every customer wants to preserve the positive value of the product for people, not the negative value. This requires experienced and well-trained social media managers. The era in which all businesses, large and small, want to promote their brands on social media has arrived, so the demand for social media managers has increased. You can also enter this field through new media or online news. it’s not necessary to do social media manager course.

social media manager course, How to become a Social media manager

How to become a Social media manager

Steps to become a social media manager

  • Pass 12th class from arts or Commerce stream
  • Earn Bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising or brand management
  • Do an internship
  • Gain some experience
  • Earn Master degree in marketing or advertising or brand management

social media manager course

Bachelor degree

  • Bachelor Marketing Management
  • Bachelor of brand management
  • Bachelor of mass communication and journalism
  • Bachelor of advertising and public relations
  • Bachelor of advertising and Media

Master degree

  • MBA in marketing management
  • MBA or master degree in brand management
  • Masters in mass communication and journalism
  • MBA or Master degree in advertising and Media or marketing
  • MBA in public relations

Diploma course

  • Diploma in digital marketing
  • Diploma in social media marketing
  • Diploma in public relations
  • Diploma in marketing
  • Diploma in brand management


  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Writing
  • Traditional & digital marketing
  • Making connections
  • Efficiency & top-notch organization
  • Customer care

Job opportunities

Social Networking and Communities Manager, Social Media Planner, Social Media Strategist,Marketing Specialist in Advertising, Marketing, Digital or Specialist Social Media Agencies, Social Media Marketing Manager, Emerging Media and Content Manager,Social Media Sales Representative, Can work in positions like social media coordinator, social media media manager course.


According to payscale the average salary for a Social Media Manager in India is ₹346859. 

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