How to become a Legal Journalist?


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How to become a Legal Journalist?

Career as legal journalist is one of the excited Career option if you have good communication and research skill.

A career in media after doing law would be an excellent career opportunity. Be and known for a legal expert in a particular area. Working as a journalist with a law degree is an excellent career choice. Everyone in their law school has heard the line that ‘you can do anything with a law degree’.

Legal journalist job is to do specialised reporting about all matters that pertain to the field of law. Legal Journalists defy the notion that law graduates can only work in law firms or in corporate setups.Legal Journalists comprehend the legal matter at hand and convey it to the general public through the mode of several platforms. This can include newspapers, blog posts, social media coverage, anything.A lawyer, in general, is trained to present one side of a case with great efforts and arguments but a journalist with all his efforts needs to present opinion from both the side.

Journalists do not present an opinion not to win a case but a lawyer presents one side to win a case.

The career scope of legal journalists has no bounds and candidates can experiment new things with respect to their interests and requirements. Since the career of a Legal Journalist is both creative as well as related to the law, the areas in which these individuals can be hired are innumerable.

Steps to become a legal journalist

Pass 12th class with minimum 45%.

Take a entrance exam

Clat exam 

LSAT test

Or other state exam

Earn bachelor degree in law

Earn Certificate or diploma in journalism

Writing skills would be very helpful to you in the field of journalism.

You can work with

Newspaper Companies


Digital Content Agencies


News Channels

Live Updates on the Internet

Law Firms


A legal journalist’s salary is on similar lines as that of a journalist. On an average, the beginner level salary of a legal journalist working in a tier 1 city is around Rs. 3.5 lakh per annum. With the increase in experience, the salary of a legal journalist also witnesses a boost.

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