How to become a Hedge Fund Manager?


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How to become a Hedge Fund Manager?

The objective of a hedge fund is to maximize investor returns and reduce risk. This is why it is termed as “hedge”. The aim is to make money in spite of the market conditions. In this type of fund, the limited partners contribute money while general partners, manage.

A hedge fund manager is basically an asset manager or a portfolio manager who manages the financial assets or investments of a group of investors. Hedge fund managers make use of complex strategies to limit risks when investing, which is the primary aim where hedge funds are concerned. Hedge fund managers are hired by asset management companies, financial institutions and investment firms. They can also work as individuals but this is a field in which credibility is what makes or break a manager. Therefore, hedge fund managers have to first find employment and after gaining experience, they can provide their services on an individual level or start their own firm.

Steps to become a Hedge Fund Manager

Earn bachelor degree

Do an internship

Earn master degree

Gain some experience while doing master

Apply for the entry level job position as a Research Analyt

After 3 years you are eligible for the senior level position of Analyt

Gain 5 to 7 years of experience

Manager need to have 5 to 7 years of experience in his field

You are eligible for manager job position

Minimum Education required

Bachelor degree

Degree required

Bachelor in Accounting

Bachelor in finance


Master in Accounting

Master in finance

MBA in finance

PhD in Accounting

PhD in finance

Professional certificat


Skills required

Communication skills

Decision making skills

Critical thinking

Problem solving

You can work for


Investment Consultancies

Mutual Fund Management Companies

Insurance Companies

Investment Firms

Asset Management Companies 


The average salary of hedge fund managers in India is around rs 12 – 13 LPA. Experienced hedge fund managers who work as traders can take home a much higher amount. 

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