How to become a Fund Manager ?


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How to become a Fund Manager?

Fund Managers are responsible for not only managing the investment but also for providing their clients, whether individual or institutional the necessary advice. These professionals are responsible to follow the market trends and track the market returns to give good returns to their clients.

 To pursue a career as a Fund Manager, one needs to have the knowledge to understand all possible methods of efficiently and effectively managing a client’s funds, bringing them good returns for their investment.

The companies or organizations which facilitate investment in Mutual Funds are known as Asset Management Companies. These companies are responsible for appraising a large number of investors of the options available in the mutual funds.

Minimum Education

Bachelor degree

The minimum qualification for becoming a Fund Manager is at least an undergraduate degree in commerce, economics or in finance.

However to be a successful Fund Manager the aspiring candidate should be a Postgraduate in the relevant subjects like an MBA with specialization in finance from the reputed institutes of management or from the departments of business administration of the major universities, or Chartered Accountant to name a few.

Fund manager’s work also include meeting with various companies heads and investment analysts to discuss the financial conditions and operations of the companies they are researching so that they could recommend profitable investment funds to their clients for investing.

Steps to become a Fund Manager

Earn bachelor degree

Do an internship

Earn Master degree

Gain some experience


Bachelor in Commerce

Bachelor in economics

Bachelor in finance

MBA in finance

MBA in management

Diploma in Investment Management

Advanced Diploma in Investment Management

B.Com. (Finance and Investment Analysis)

B.B.M. (Finance Management)


In India is between 2 to 10 lacs RS per annum.

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