How to become a floral designer


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How to become a floral designer ?

The duty of a floral designer is to curate arrangements of dried, living and silk flowers for decorative display.Flower decoration is one of the most loved techniques adopted on occasions. A floral designer is expected to have sound knowledge and understanding of the names, seasonal availability and sustainability of foliage, flowers and potted plants. There is no firm set of qualifications that are required to build a career as a floral designer. A candidate with adequate creative, observational, organizational and time management skills can carve a successful career in the field of floral designing. 

Working in a floral shop requires standing for long periods of time and occasionally dealing with difficult customers. The temperatures in floral shops may be lower than normal because of the need to keep flowers and greenery fresh. 

Steps to become a floral designer

Complete your 12th class

Earn bachelor degree

Do an internship

Earn master degree


Bachelor or certificat in floral design

Minimum Education

Bachelor degree

Skills required

Artistic ability. 


Customer-service skills. 

Organizational skills.

Find out the areas and employment sectors that offer opportunities to a floral designer.

Entertainment Industry

Design Firms

Wedding Planning Firms

Floral Stores

Corporate Offices



Hospitality Firm


Event Managing Firms

Outdoor Design Consultancy Firms

Interior Designer

Educational Sectors


A Floral Designer can receive a salary between 16000 – 24000 based on tenure and industry expertise.

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