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good morning status

good morning status

Life is better
when we are happy,
but believe me,
life is better
when everyone is happy because of us.

good morning
Night doesn’t wait for morning,
fragrance doesn’t wait for weather,
enjoy whatever happiness you get,
because life doesn’t wait for time.
Good morning…

good morning no
May the morning dawn be with you, may
every moment be special for you,
this is my only wish from the heart,
that every moment be with you.
Good Morning…

The more you expect from fate,
the more it will disappoint.
Believe in karma,
you will always get more than you expect.
Good morning…

With the sound of birds,
With lovely feeling,
With a true faith,
Let your day begin
With a lovely smile.
Good Day…

love good morning status

Be good with good but
don’t be bad with bad because
water can clean dirt,
not dirt with dirt.
Good Morning…

If you were not there, we would have been lost, we
would have been ashamed of our life,
they have woken up to say “good morning” to you,
otherwise we would have been sleeping by now.
Good morning…

May the rising sun bless you,
May the blooming flower give you fragrance,
We are not capable of giving anything, May
the giver give you a thousand happiness.
Good morning…

There is nothing like ending in this life,
it always goes on, there is
always a new hope waiting for you,
the only need is to recognize it.
Good Day…

A beautiful life is
where friends consider you as family
and family as friends.
Good Morning…

beautiful good morning status

best good morning status in hindi
Be happy with every decision of God,
God does not give
what you like,
God gives
what is good for you.
Good Morning…

No one is born great in this world,
becomes great,
except by some habits
and some hard work.
Good morning…

Breaking up doesn’t always mean the end,
sometimes breaking up is the beginning of life.
Good morning…

Keep the thread of love decorated,
keep heart to heart,
what to take with you,
keep the relationship with this world by speaking sweetly.
Good Day…

A person changes house,
changes relationships,
changes friends,
yet why is he upset,
because he does not change himself.
Good morning…

best good morning status in hindi
There should be the smell of flowers in the fresh air, there should
be chirping of birds in the first ray of light,
whenever you open your eyelids, there
should be only a glimpse of happiness in those eyelids.
Good Morning…

It is written in every school that it
is forbidden to break the “principle”.
It is written in every garden that
plucking “flowers” is prohibited.
It is written in every game that it
is forbidden to break the “rule”.
I wish it was written in relationship, family and friendship also that it
is forbidden to leave someone’s “company”.
Good Morning…

May every moment of the morning give you life, may
every moment of the day give you happiness,
where the wind of sorrow does not pass even after touching it,
may God give you a land like heaven.
Good morning…

Smile has no value,
some relationships have no value,
people are found at every turn,
but not everyone is as precious as you all.
Good morning…

A relationship is not that which
is shown to the world,
a relationship is that
which is maintained from the heart.
Good Morning…

Remembering and being remembered
are two different things,
we remember those
who are our own,
and we remember those
who consider us as their own.
Good morning…

Good Morning status Photo
If you trust yourself then it becomes strength,
and if you trust others then it becomes weakness , no one remembers
when you were right , but everyone remembers when you were wrong . Good Morning…

good morning wishes in hindi
Who has seen yesterday’s day,
why should we lose today’s day as well,
the times in which we could have laughed,
why should we cry again in those times.
Good morning…

good morning status video

“No” and “Yes” are two small words,
but which require a lot of thought,
we lose many things in life,
“No” spoken in haste,
“Yes” spoken late.
Good Morning…

The price is of thirst not of water,
the price of breath is not of death,
but many people love in the world,
but the price of trust is not of love.
Good morning…

If there was no fear of losing
and no desire to gain,
then there would be no God
and no prayer.
Good morning…

Don’t find a purpose to smile, otherwise life will be spent just like that,
try smiling even without any reason,
life will smile along with you.
Good Morning…

Relationships are neither broken by being far away,
nor are they connected by being close,
these are strong threads of feeling,
which become stronger by remembering.
Good morning…

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good morning msg in hindi
Don’t keep anyone in your eyes,
because only dreams live in your eyes, if
you want to live, keep them in your heart,
because only your own people live in your heart.
Good morning…

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