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General knowledge

First Radio Telescope Satellite launched into Space HALCA (Japan)

First country to use Glass Egypt and Mesopotamia

First country to make Map Mesopotamia (Greece)

First Spaceship landed on Mars Viking-I (July 1976)

World’s First Multipurpose River Valley Project Tennessee River Valley Project (USA)

First Space Shuttle Launched Columbia -(April 1981)

First Rocket to go near the Sun Helius- ‘B’

First Country to make Constitution- America

First Country to start Underground Metro Rail Britain

First Unmanned Mission on the Moon LUNA-9

First Spacecraft to carry man on the Moon Apollo – 11

First Country to do Artificial Satellite Experiment Russia

Country to give Voting Right to Women New Zealand

First Country to appoint Lokpal Sweden

First Country to imposed Carbon Tax New Zealand


First Asian to Head the International Cricket Council Jagmohan Dalmiya

First man to climb Mount Everest Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir

Edmund Hillary (29th May, 1953)

First Man to go into Space Major Yuri Gagarin (USSR) (1961)

First Man to walk into Space Alexei Leonov (Russia)

First Person to give information about Planets and their

motion around the Sun

Nicolous Copernicus

First Man to compile Encyclopaedia Aspheosis (Athens)

First Person to go on both the Poles (North and South) Ranulph Fiennes

First Man to reach North Pole Robert Peary

First Man to reach South Pole Roald Amundsen

First Man to climb on Mt Everest without Oxygen Phu Dorji Sherpa


First Woman President of a Country Maria Estela Peron (Argentina)

First Woman in the world to cross the Strait of Gibralter Arti Pradhan (India)

First Woman Cosmonaut in Space Valentina Tereshkova (USSR)

First woman Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka)

First Woman to cross the Seven Seas Bula Choudhary

First Non-white female to win Nobel Prize in Literature Toni Morrison

First Woman to reach Antarctica Caroline Mikkelsen

First Woman to have a Space-Walk Svetlana Yevgenyevna Savitskaya

First Governor-General of India William Bentinck (1828)

First and last Indian Governor-General of Free India C Rajagopalachari

First Commander-in-Chief of Free India General KM Kariappa

First Field Marshal of India General SHFJ Manekshaw (1971)

First Indian to go in Space Rakesh Sharma

First Indian to climb the Mount Everest without Oxygen Sherpa Ang Dorje

First Indian to become the Managing Director of

World Bank

Gautam Kaji

First Chairman of National Human Rights Commission Rangnath Mishra

First Indian to get Nobel Prize in Physics CV Raman (1930)

First Indian to get Nobel Prize in Literature Rabindranath Tagore (1913)

First Indian to get Nobel Prize in Economics Dr Amartya Sen (1998)

First Indian to get Nobel Prize in Medicines (Physiology) Dr Har Govind Khorana (1968)

First Indian to get Bharat Ratna Dr S Radhakrishnan, C Rajgopalachari

and Dr CV Raman (1954)

First Person to be Honoured with the Jnanpith Award G Sankara Kurup (Malayalam)

First Person to get Bharat Ratna (Posthumously) Lal Bahadur Shastri

First Cricketer to get Padma Bhushan CK Naidu

First Indian to get through ICS Satyendra Nath Tagore (1869)

First Indian to swim across the English Channel Mihir Sen (1958)

First Judge of International Court of Justice Dr. Nagendra Singh

First Chief of Defence Staff Vipin Rawat


First Indian Female Chairperson of Indian National


Sarojini Naidu (1925)

First Woman to climb the Everest Bachendri Pal (1984)

First Woman Cabinet Minister Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (1947)

First Woman Chairman of the UN General Assembly Vijaya Laxmi Pandit

First Woman President of India Pratibha Devi Singh Patil

First Woman Speaker of Lok Sabha Meira Kumar (2009)

First Woman Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Margaret Alva (1962)

First Woman Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi

First Woman to reach Antarctica Meher Moos (1976)

First Woman IAS Officer Anna Rajam George (1950)

First Female Chief Justice Leela Seth (1991)

First Woman to win the Jnanpith Award Asha Poorna Devi (1976)

First Woman to get the Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi

First Female Nobel Prize Winner Mother Teresa (1979)

First Woman to complete Century in World Cup Cricket Thirush Kamini

First to win Silver in Olympics (Badminton) PV Sindhu

First Indian Woman to become member of International

Olympic Committee

Nita Ambani

First to win Bronze in Olympics (Wrestler) Sakshi Malik

First Indian Woman Fighter Pilot to fly a fighter jet Avani Chaturvedi (2018)

First Indian Naval Woman Pilot Shubhangi Swaroop (2018)

Blue Mountains Nilgiri Hills

City Beautiful Chandigarh

City of Golden Gate San Francisco

City of Magnificent



City of Palaces Kolkata

City of Seven Hills Rome

Cockpit of Europe Belgium

Dark Continent Africa

Eternal City Rome

Forbidden City Lhasa (Tibet)

Garden City Chicago

Gift of the Nile Egypt

Granite City Aberdeen

Holy Land Palestine

Island Continent Australia

Island of Cloves Zanzibar

Isle of Pearls Bahrain

Key to the Mediterranean Gibraltar

Land of Cakes Scotland

Land of Golden Fleece Australia

Land of Maple Canada

Land of Morning Calm Korea

Land of the Midnight Sun Norway

Land of the Rising Sun Japan

Land of the



Land of Thousand Lakes Finland

Land of White Elephant Thailand

Pearl of the Antilles Cuba

Pearl of the Pacific Guayaquil Port

of Ecuador

Roof of the World The Pamirs,

Central Asia

Spice Garden of India Kerala

Sugar Bowl of the World Cuba


Blue Book An official report of the British Government

Green Book An official publications of Italy and Iran

Grey Book An official reports of the Governments of Japan and Belgium

Orange Book An official publications of the Government of Netherlands

White Book An official publications of China, Germany and Portugal

White Paper An official paper of the Governments of Britain and India on a particular issue

Yellow Book An official paper of the Goverment of France

Detective Agency

Ministry of State Security (MSS) China

Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Australia

KGB/GRU Russia

National Intelligence Agency South Africa

MI (Military Intelligence)-5

and 6, Special Branch, Joint Intelligence Organisation

United Kingdom

Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Pakistan

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Intelligence Bureau (IB) India

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) USA


Mukhabarat Egypt

Naicho Japan

SAVAK (Sazamane Etelaatva Amniate Kechvar) Iran

General Security Directorate Iraq

DGSE (Direction General de la Securite Exterieur) France


Pen Symbol of culture and civilisation

Lotus Culture and civilisation

Red Cross Medical aid and hospital

Red Flag Revolution; also sign of danger

Black Flag Symbol of protest

Yellow Flag Flown on ships or vehicles carrying patients

suffering from infectious diseases

Flag flown upside down Symbol of distress

White Flag Symbol of truce

Pigeon or Dove Symbol of peace

A blindfolded woman holding a

balanced scale

Symbol of justice

Black strip on face arm Sign of mourning or protest

One skull on two bones crossing each other


Sign of danger

Wheel (Chakra) Symbol of progress

Flag flown at half mast Symbol of national mourning

Olive Branch Symbol of peace


The Sydney Morning Herald Australia 

The Hindustan Times India

The Age Australia 

Mainichi Daily News Japan

Globe and Mail Canada 

The New Zealand Herald New Zealand

The Gazette Canada 

The Press New Zealand

International Herald Tribune,France

 The Times United Kingdom

Die Welt Germany

The Scotsman United Kingdom

The Times of India India

The Guardian United Kingdom

The Hindu India 

The Herald United Kingom

The Tribune India 

The Courier United Kingdom

The Statesman India Washington

Post United States of America

Newspaper India

Newspaper Bengal Gazette (James Hickey)

Vernacular Daily Samachar Darpan

Hindi Newspaper Udant Martand

Telegraph Line Diamond Harbour to Kolkata

International Telephone Service Mumbai to London (1851)

Silent Movie Raja Harish Chandra

(Dadasaheb Phalke 1913)

Talkie Movie Alam Ara (Ardeshir Irani-1931)

Aircraft Carriage Warship INS Vikrant

Satellite Aryabhatta (19th April, 1975)

Satellite dedicated exclusively for Education purposes EDUSAT

Dedicated multi wavelength space observatory Astrosat

Successful indigenous launch vehicle SLV-3

Nuclear Reactor Apsara (1956)

Lunar Mission Chandrayaan-I (October, 2008)

Mars Mission Mars Orbiter Mission

(5th November, 2013)

Hydroelectric Project Sidrapong (1897)

Asian Games Delhi (1951)

Census 1872

Regular Decadal Census 1881 Onwards

Biosphere Reserve Nilgiri

National Park Hailey National Park (Jim Corbett), 1936

Chairman of UPSC Ross Barker

E-court Ahmedabad

Court exclusively dedicated to women Malda (WB)

Technology Park Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram

Cloned Animal Samrupa

Rail University Vadodara

Author Name and Book Name

Letters Between a Father a nd Son 

Half a Life, An Area of Darkness, Magic Seeds 

Ved Vyas Bhagwad Gita

Vikram Chandra Love and Longing

in Bombay

Vikram Seth An Equal Music

Vimal Kumar Sachin Cricketer of the


Virat Kohli Driven

William Shakespeare As You Like it

Yuvraj Singh The Test of My Life

Zoya Hasan Congress After Indira

Natwar Singh One Life is not Enough

P. Chidambaram A View from Outside

Raghuram Rajan I Do What I Do

Naveen Chawla Every Vote Counts

1997-2006 UN Decade for the Eradication of


2001-2010 International Decade for Culture

of Peace and Non-violence for


2011-2020 United Nations Decade on


2014-2024 Decade of Sustainable Energy

for All

2015-2024 International Decade for People

of African Descent

2016-2025 UN Decade of Action on Nutrition

2009 International Year of Astronomy

2010 International Year of Biodiversity

2011 International Year of Forests

2012 International Year of Cooperatives

2013 International Year of Water Cooperation

2014 International Year of Family Farming

2015 International Year of Light and Light

based Technologies

2016 International Year of Pulses

2017 International Year of Sustainable

Tourism for Development

2019 International Year of Indigenous


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