Career options in drawing and painting


Painting career

Career options in drawing and painting

career in Drawing and painting

In today’s world where people are running after government jobs, in this era of unemployment, if you follow your passion, you can also earn good money.If you also like drawing then you can also become a painter.Just as everyone cannot become a singer, not everyone can become a painter. painting is such an art or field, that’s pretty interesting. If we communicate about todays time, then millions of Painters everywhere in the global are creating wealth and fame because of their artwork. But what occurs many times, a few Artists are not capable of reach the factor in which they need to be due to now no longer having the proper information about this career. Being an Artist has emerge as this sort of Profession Educational foundation and Non-Educational foundation Painters They were a success due to their talent.


A painter paints a variety of surfaces. His work can range from domestic to industrial. He does not just paint on paper on small scale and his work isn’t limited to canvas, however he conjointly engraves his artistry from redecorating the house to bridges or other significant and huge projects. creating paintings of 10 to 5 Not a job, which might be completed free in limited time. There will be no fix time for such artistic work. therefore if you wish to take your pain to excellence, then keep doing regular paint as a result of the longer you give to, the a lot of your skills will improve, which is able to cause you to understand the nuances of your work. that are vital for perfection.There is a lot of demand from the experts.

Steps to become a painter

  • Pass class 12th
  • Earn bachelor degree in BFA Bachelor in Fine Arts course
  • Find a internship
  • Do an internship
  • Get some experience


  • BA in arts
  • BA painting, sculpture, applied arts
  • BFA
  • Diploma course
  • Pg diploma course
  • Certificate course

No special qualification is required to become a painter. But to understand the nuances of painting and to clear your hand, you can do diploma or degree courses in this field like BA in paint, sculpture, applied arts, BFA course etc. Apart from this, post graduation can also be done in this field after graduation.
BFA Bachelor in Fine Arts course.
Candidates must have passed at least 12th to make a career in this field. After this, courses related to Drawing and creativity can be done. You can enter this field by taking courses like Certificate in Drawing and Painting, Diploma in Drawing , Bachelor in Fine Arts.

skills required

  • Drawing
  • art and design
  • knowledge of different colours
  • Communication skills
  • Passion for drawing
  • Art Studio
  • Advertising Company
  • Publishing House
  • Magazine
  • Television
  • Product Design
  • Manufacturing Department
  • Graphic Arts
  • Teaching
  • Theater House
  • Educational Institute
  • Museum
  • Art Gallery
  • Paint Shop
  • Historic Monuments etc.

Painter Salary in India According to PayScale

The average salary for a Painter in India is ₹ 360000. Visit PayScale to research painter salaries by city, experience, skill, employer

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