20 Amazing facts about Russia


Amazing facts about Russia

facts about Russia

  1. The capital of Russia is Moscow, which is the largest city.Moscow are the best places for culture lovers. There are many dining places in Moscow, the Russian capital.
  1. The official Russian language of Russia is Russian.
  1. All Russians drink about 18 liters of beer each year.
  1. In Rasia, about 50,000 people died from drinking. Until 2013, Russian beer was not considered alcohol.
  1. It was not until 1959 that Russian scientists regarded foxes as writer dogs.
  1. There was a time when Russia taxed people with long beards.
  1. The word Votka comes from Russian.
  1. It is believed that there are 15 hidden cities in Rasia, whose names and locations are unknown.
  1. The wealthy people in Russia used fake ambulances to avoid traffic and escaped from a remote lake.
  1. If you like lakes, you should definitely visit Russky Bekal Lake. This lake contains 20% of the purest water in the world. The lake is about 25 million years old and is covered by mountains.
facts about russia,russia facts
  1. You can eat and drink in Russian cafes for free, but you must pay to chat here.To visit this cafe, you will need to pay 1 to 3 rubles.
  1. This idea was born in China. From the perspective of the United States, it is only 4 kilometers. Approximately 110 individuals own 35% of total assets. 11 In 1867, the United States purchased Alaska 12 from russia facts for only 45 rupees and 8.1 million rupees. In 1908, the Russian Empire Olympic team was 12 days late due to not using the Gregorian calendar.
  1. Russia is a big country, part of the day is during the day and part of the day is in the afternoon.
  1. The names and addresses of approximately 15 cities in Russia are classified.
  1. The largest railway line in the world runs in Russia. russia facts Siberia has most of the world’s forests.
  1. Kizhi Island is a place where you can explore nature. Here is the oldest wooden church made of synthetic wood.
  1. Russia is the third largest oil producer in the world. This is a country. Russia has abundant natural resources. Russia’s oil and mineral output is estimated to exceed 75 billion U.S. dollars.
  1. russia facts has many scattered pipelines, so it can cover up to six times the world. Russia has brought thousands of important inventions to the world, such as transformers, tape recorders, helicopters, synthetic rubber, arc welding, radiators, telegraphs, powders, milk, etc.
  1. The Russian capital, Moscow, is the world’s seventh-largest city with the largest number of billionaires (72 billionaires). russia facts Number one is the Chinese city of Beijing, where there are 110 billionaires. Russian is spoken.
  1. In Russia, the most widely spoken language ranks eighth in the world. There are many restaurants in Russia that cook Indian cuisine on special plates.facts about russia
facts about russia,russia facts
  1. Lake Karachay facts about russia in Russia is the deadliest lake of toxic substances in the world, and a person died because of it. Standing here for only an hour means death.
  1. There is another wonderful facts about russia and strange way in Russia. If you break any rules, a stranger will stop you and tell you that you did the wrong job and violated the rules.
  1. Guests must take off their shoes when they arrive in Russia. facts about russia From the owner. You just need to wear it. If someone invites you, they will arrive at the appointed time. He will be there in 15 minutes.
  1. Russia is a major exporter of oil and natural gas, and 60% of its oil is exported from here.You will be surprised to find that in Russia, where many oil and gas pipelines are laid, the earth can be wrapped six times.
  1. The facts about russia Russian National Library in Moscow is the largest library in Europe and the second largest library in the world. The Library of Congress ranks first.
  1. Russia has the largest number of divorces in the world, with 5,000 divorces per 100,000 couples.
  1. During World War II, the underground station avoided air raids. During this time, 150 people were born at the station itself.
  1. Russia is rich in base metals and minerals: copper, limestone, gold, magnesium, mica, aluminum, cobalt, coal, boron, arsenic, titanium, nickel. , Steel, bauxite, vanadium, tin, tungsten, potash, cadmium, petroleum, phosphate, etc.
  1. Russia owns about 40% of the world’s gold reserves. russia facts The Russian company Rusal produces 11% of the world’s total aluminum.
  1. facts about russia Russia is the only country in the world that borders 14 countries. These countries are; Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, China, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Poland, Mongolia, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Finland.
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