Amazing Facts about Honey Bee


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Facts about Honey Bee

Honey is used by all of us in everyday life, it is as sweet as it is healthy.Albert Einstein believed that if all the bees disappeared from the earth, then man would die in the next 4 years.

Facts about Honey Bee

  • The Bhunga or Dumber bee discovered in India is the smallest in length and it’s also the least honey-generating bee.
  • The flavor in their honey is barely sour, however in Ayurveda this honey is taken into consideration the great. Their uniqueness is they gather pollen even from the ones tiny vegetation of herbs, which different bees can’t reach.
  • Facts about Honey Bee You may be amazed to recognise that greater than 20 thousand species of bees are live on this earth, such as the flies which might be frequently visible withinside the houses.
  • However, the honey-making bee is the maximum famous amongst them. You rarely recognise that just a few species of bees recognise the way to make honey.
  • Life of bee is forty five days.
  • Drinking warm milk combined with honey works as a medicine.In historical instances, queens used to drink milk and honey to appearance young.
  • The great of those is taken into consideration to be the European Honey-bee.
  • There are approximately six such species of bees in South Asia, which make honey.
  • You may be amazed to recognise that maximum species of flies do now no longer sting, most effective bees can. According to scientists, male bees in no way sting. Only a woman bee can do this.
  • Bees or flies aren’t most effective black and yellow in color, however they’re additionally inexperienced and blue. Facts about Honey Bee
  • The Agapostemon splendens, discovered in North America, is inexperienced and blue, even as the Valley Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa varipuncta) discovered right here is each black and yellow. Facts about Honey Bee In this the woman fly is black even as the male fly is yellow.
  • More than 20 thousand species of bees are discovered. Not all bees make honey and now no longer all sting
  • There are hundreds of lenses withinside the eyes of a bee.Bee flaps its wings greater than two hundred instances in a second.
  • Bee is the most effective animal whose meals is eaten through humans
  • A bee has to gather the nectar of hundreds of vegetation for a spoonful of honey.
  • Facts about Honey Bee Honey is the most effective meals object that doesn’t wreck for masses of years. About seven to 8 pounds of honey may be extracted from a hive two times in a year.

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