why our earth as a unique planet ?


Why our earth as a unique planet


Earth is the most effective place withinside the universe regarded to support existence.It is thought that life developed after water commenced to gather onthe Earth’s surface. Eventually,tiny existence forms advanced that should live to tell the tale on water, sunlight,and chemicals withinside the water.These microbes introduced oxygen to the atmosphere an essential step for the improvement of plant life and animals.


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Earth appears as a big blue ball from space.Earth is the best planetin the sun system that has water. Nearly 70 percentage of Earth’s surface is protected through water. The blue color of Earth comes from huge oceans and waterour bodies on its surface.

Earth is the handiest planetin the sun system that has lifestyles.Water as Liquid Earth is the handiest planet where watercan exist in liquid form.Every living organism in the global needs water to live. From small insects to blue whales, each life on Earth exists due to the presence of water. A plant additionally needs water to develop and live fresh. From small fish to a whale require water, due to the fact they exist through that.The presence of water on unique planet Earth indicates lifestyles and makes our earth unique. And that is the handiest motive that Earth is the great planet to call home.


All styles of herbal elements that make life possible come below the environment together with water, air, land, light, fire, forest, animals, trees etc. It is assumed that the UNIQUE PLANET Earth is the best planet on which life exists and to hold the life of life, there may be environment.The atmosphere is the thin layer of gases that surrounds Earth. This layer protects the earth from the damaging rays of the sun and continues it warm. The atmosphere is composed of 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, 0.9 percent argon, 0.03percent carbon dioxide, and lines of various gases. It is about 3 hundred miles thick and is cut up into severa layers.

Planetary degassing is the approach thru manner of method of which the environment of Earth have become formed.

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Earths atmosphere is cut up intofour layers:

1. Troposphere

2. Stratosphere

3. Mesospherefour

4. Thermosphere

The troposphere starts offevolved at Earths ground and extends as tons as 5 to 10 miles high.

The stratosphere starts offevolved above thetroposphere and extends as tons as 30miles.

The mesosphere starts offevolved genuinely abovethe stratosphere and extends as tons as 50 miles.

The thermosphere starts offevolved above themesosphere and extends as tons as 400miles.

The exosphere starts offevolved above thethermosphere and merges intospace.


Life started out on Earth round four billion years ago. Oxygen on Earth become produced as a waste made of photosynthesis.The presence of water and oxygen on earth is the primary motive for Earths atmosphere to be unique from different planets. Both those factors are to be had in abundance on our unique planet Earth We have a constant supply of water from various sources such as rain, river, drains, oceans and oceans. Oxygen is constantly pumped into the atmosphere through plants and trees round us.The first multicellular plants emerged round 1 billion years ago.Supercontinent Pannotia become formed round six hundred million years ago. The latest supercontinent Pangea existed from three hundred to one hundred eighty million years ago. Modern human beings originated round 200,000 years ago.

Ozone layer

The ozone layer is placed withinside the stratospherelayer of Earths atmosphere.

NITROGEN – 78%A gas that can be constant in the soil asnicely as loose in the atmosphere. Plantswant nitrogen from the soil to survive.

OXYGEN – 21%Essential for animals to breathe,oxygen become absent till microbes developed that would use daylight to turn carbon dioxide and water intocarbohydrates, releasing oxygen.

ARGON – 0.9%An inert gas (one which doesn’treact with different substances).

OTHER – 0.1%These encompass carbon dioxide(C0₂), which become as soon as abundant, butis now by and large integrated intostubstances which includes limestone rock.During the Hadean era, there had been nooceans on Earth and no oxygen withinside the atmosphere.

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Earth’s climates

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unique planet Earth is the most effective planet withinside the Solar System that supports life. It can try this as it has a completely unique surroundings, water,and climate that living organisms can live to tell the tale in.Weather is the country or circumstance of the surroundings of an area that exists overa quick length of time. It is characterised by alternate in temperature, wind, atmospheric stress and the rainfall of an area a tany given time. Climate is the average climate of an area over a length of numerous years. Different locations have extra ordinary climates. The weather of a place may be stricken by a few major elements consisting of latitude, altitude, and distance from the sea.Weather takes place often withinside the troposphere. A barograph is a tool used to degree air stress.An anemometer is a tool used to measure wind speed. There are approximately 11,000 climate stations in the world.In 1648 Blaise Pascal observed that most of stress decreases with height.Benjamin Franklin determined the link among volcanic eruption and climate. TIROS-1, the primary a hit climates stellate, become released in 1960. Francis Beaufort and Robert Fitzroy are credited with the start of climate forecasting as a science.

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