Cool And interesting facts about sweden


interesting facts about sweden

interesting facts about sweden

sweden facts, facts about sweden

sweden facts, facts about sweden

1 Sweden has the largest number of McDonald’s restaurants per capita in Europe and is the only country in the world to donate over 1% of GDP.

2 Sweden is the first country in the world to ban counterfeiting.

3 The Swedes know how to recycle and import waste from other countries.

4 The number of patents per capita in Sweden is the highest in Europe.

5 Sweden uses 20 million Semlores annually.

6 Swedes work an average of 1611 hours a year.

7 86% of Sweden’s population lives in cities.

8 14.52% of the energy produced in Sweden is renewable energy.

9 Sweden has legalized homosexual relations since 1944.

10 Sweden has 95,700 lakes.

sweden facts, facts about sweden

sweden facts, facts about sweden

11 The Swedish passport is one of the best passes in the world.

12 Hockey and soccer are the main sports in Sweden. Other popular sports include handball, golf, gymnastics, track and field, and cross-country skiing.

13 The Swedish company King Ape founded Candy Crush. It has been downloaded nearly 500 million times and continues to grow.

14 Sweden has a long and interesting history, beautiful architecture, friendly people and amazing landscapes, making it one of the countries in the world that never tire of Until 1980, Finland was part of Sweden.

15 The Swedish Twitter account is run by its employees. Every week, a new citizen checks the country’s official social media page.

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16 Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, stretches over 14 islands.

17 The law applies to fathers and mothers. 40.85% of Swedes live in the country’s cities, and 41.87% of the Swedish adult population have a high school diploma

18 When a child is born or adopted, parents are legally entitled to 480 days of leave.

19 18 years old Although Sweden was the main military power and one of the largest arms producers in the world in the 17th century, it has never been involved in wars in the past two centuries, including two.

20 At 313 IKEA, an average of 1,836,000 meatball shops are consumed daily. IKEA was founded in Sweden in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad.

21 Men are 74 years old and women are 80 years old, which is one of the lowest fertility rates (1.7 children per woman).

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