How to become a Risk Manager


How to become a Risk Manager?

Risk is inseparable from return. Every investment involves some degree of risk, which is considered close to zero in the case of a U.S. T-bill or very high for something such as emerging-market equities or real estate in highly inflationary markets. 

Risk Managers are often responsible for operations such as the survey of risk areas, analysis, advising companies and overseeing execution of measures to minimize risk etc. Risk Management is generally limited to a certain area of a business but it may be implemented across the whole organization.

A Risk Manager is a professional who helps companies do exactly that. A Risk Manager helps companies implement measures that control the impact of any outcomes that can be damaging to the company, whether it be in terms of financial assets or physical assets.

Step to become a Risk Manager

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. The minimum requirement for becoming a risk manager is generally a bachelor’s degree in a field related to finance or accounting.

Consider Earning a Graduate Degree. 

Do an internship

Gain Relevant Experience. 

Obtain Necessary Licensure. 

Gain 5 to 7 year’s of experience in this field

Minimum education

Generally, graduates from any stream can apply for Risk Management posts. However, graduation must be done in a stream relevant to the job profile.

Education Requirements

Bachelor degree



Degree courses

PGD in Risk Management

MBA in Risk Management

MBA in finance

MBA in accounting

PGD in Insurance Risk Management

International PGD in Risk Management

Certificat courses

Certified Risk and Internal Control Professional (CRICP) offered by the Association of Internal Control Practitioners (AICP)

Certificate in Operational Risk Management offered by the Institute of Operational Risk (IOR), UK

Courses offered by the Institute of Risk Management (IRM)

Professional certificat courses

Financial risk management(FRM)


The national average salary estimate for Risk Manager was $103,743. This number is estimated from over 1,628,524 employees, users past and present job advertisements from This equates to an hourly salary of $54.03 and monthly of $8,645

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