How to become a Political Scientist ?


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How to become a Political Scientist ?

This career will provide you wide scope.Political scientists study and analyse the origins, growth and operation of governments and political systems.There are many facets to the field of political science, and as you complete your education, you may find you prefer one area of the field over another.

Some political scientists whose careers focus on international relations may travel globally to perform important research into the current political and economic environment, policy practices and other international political operations.

Skills required

A political scientist requires skills in communication, critical thinking and writing. They should have intellectual curiosity to search for new information and ideas for research and original papers that would be current.

Steps to become a Political Scientist

Complete your class 12th in arts stream

Earn bachelor degree in political science

Find a job

Earn Master degree

Gain some experience while doing master degree

Clear entrance exam

Earn PhD degree for more knowledge

Eligibility criteria

For bachelor degree in political science 

Must have passed class 12th.

For master degree

Must have hold bachelor degree in political science.

For PhD degree

Must have passed Master degree with 55% and clear the entrance exam.

Minimum Education

B.A. (Political Science)

B.A. (Hons) (Political Science)

The main qualification for becoming a Political Scientist is Master’s Degree or PhD in Political Science, Public Administration or a related field.

Developing, testing and evaluating political theories and ideas

Evaluating how policies and laws affect governments, businesses and citizens

Monitoring and staying updated on current political events, implemented policies and other related issues

Forecasting future trends in politics, economics and other related issues

Degree required

B.A. (Political Science)

B.A. (Hons) (Political Science)

M.A. (International Relations and Political Science)

M.A. (Political Science and Public Administration)

M.A. (Political Science)

M.Phil. (Political Science)

PhD (Political Science)

After completing this course you can also able to work as a journalist, politician, law and many more.

In order to be accepted into a graduate program an aspirant needs undergraduate courses in writing, statistics, and political science. Some colleges and universities offer master’s degrees in international relations, political science, or other specialities of political science. It is also advantageous for an applicant to have experience from an internship or a related field.

You can work with

Political scientists work in a variety of organizations that have a stake in policy, such as government, labor, and political organizations.


The median annual wage for political scientists is $122,220.

The salary for a Political Science graduate completely depends upon one’s academic achievements, personal skills and capability such as initially they can earn Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000. 

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