How To Become A Chef ?


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How To Become A Chef ?

If you find yourself passionate about cooking and consider preparing food as an art, you can think about pursuing a career in this field.

To become a chef, one should have an inborn love for food besides an experimental mind. The knowledge related to the nutritional value of a dish/ingredient is also required as many people are very particular about the same while on a diet. 

One has to be involved in the preparation of food, ensuring the restaurant/pub/bakery kitchen is stocked with the necessary ingredients, manage an entire kitchen staff and encourage them to work efficiently without compromising on food quality.

People choose this field because of job safety, less competitive, higher salary, good growth of position and salary.

Steps to become a chef

Pass class 12th

Earn bachelor degree

Do an internship

Gain some experience

Earn master degree

Minimum Education

Bachelor degree

pursue a degree in hotel management and catering technology from a reputed institution, then it will certainly increase your chances of getting better placements.


Bachelor in hotel management

MBA in hotel management

Diploma in hotel management

Pgdm in hotel management

Certificat course in hotel management

Online course in hotel management


freshers salary of Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 per month, those with around 10 years of work experience can expect to fetch somewhere between Rs.40,000 and Rs.50,000. Head chefs or executive chefs can earn somewhere around Rs.1 to Rs.2 lakhs every month.

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