Amazing Facts

Amazing facts

30 – Amazing Facts about Water


Interesting Facts About Water – facts about water 1. Water is made up of 2 Hydrogen and 1 Molecule of Oxygen . Its chemical formula H 2 O  is. 2. Pure water has ...

30- Mind Blowing Psychology Facts


Interesting psychology facts Various scientific studies have revealed some psychological facts about the human mind that you will be surprised ...

51-Brain Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


Brain Facts That Will Blow Your Mind 1 The brain is not only the most complex organ in the human ...

99 -Amazing Facts About The United States


Former United States Presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826. Not only that, but it ...

30- Amazing Geography facts


Amazing geography facts Where Are We? Our earth is one of the nine planets. All the nine planets orbit the ...

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