Essential skills you need to be a CEO


skills you need to be a CEO

Being a CEO is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It requires exceptional levels of determination and resilience, as well as the ability to cope with stress and not let the role totally dominate your Life.

The best CEOs are passionate, enjoy the job, and recognize that they are privileged to lead. Being a CEO should be one of the best jobs in the world. It offers the chance to make a real difference. However, real life for most CEOs is tough and many are not enjoying it.

Essential skills you need to be a CEO


In the new world of work, chief executives need to be able to lift their people to go beyond themselves.You are the inspirational leader.

Great CEOs find inspiration for themselves and their team in their passion for the company, what everyone can do together, and their personal purpose.

Inspirational leaders don’t have to jump up and down frantically and be on the front cover of magazine.

Emotional intelligence

The measurable and dramatic effect of emotions on decisions and performance means that great CEOs must develop more sophisticated emotional intelligence.

They need to understand how their emotions affect their decision making, and their ability to influence and lead others is greatly improved if they can spot emotions in others, both individually and collectively.

clear the company’s purpose and Be a strategist.

The CEO must make clear the company’s purpose (“What is our company here to do?”) and its strategy (“How do we beat the compe- tition?”).

A company’s purpose has to inspire it to outperform, capturing the imagination of all stakeholders and instilling a sense of pride in employees that they are part of the company. And clearly, the strategy needs to be dovetailed to this, because if a company does not have an effective strategy, it will not succeed in its purpose.

Bring clarity

chief executives have to give the business clarity on strategy, objectives, tasks, values, and all other critical issues.

It’s very much easier if you are a natural communicator, though you can learn to improve your skills in this area.

Trust and belief

people’s trust in you as a person is essential to their belief in their ability, with you, to reach the desired goal, so you must work to build trust in you as a person.

If you manage to sustain trust and belief in you among your teams, you stand a good chance of getting the team across the finish line.


The key advantage of the cell model of governance lies in the way it allows the smart devolution of power, with the objective to trust and empower staff so that the right decisions are made as close to the front line as possible.

The energy will increasingly flow up from knowledge workers close to or on the front line, rather than being forced down from on high.

Be a decision-maker

strongly skilled decision-maker requires having excellent analytical and interpretive skills.

To be the final decision maker in a multibillion-dollar business with hundreds of thousands of employees and pensioners relying on you is an awesome responsibility.

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