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certified management accountant

In the field of education, in many nations around the world, many courses are observed to be similar to every different, on this there are a few courses which might be familiar on a worldwide level.It is right here to inform you about one of these course, that’s called the certified management accountant course, and in addition to India, it enjoys wonderful importance in different countries of the world. If you also take admission on this course If you’re curious, here you will be capable of get all of the fundamental statistics related to this course. Such as important eligibility for the course, admission process, college options to be had etc. We desire that after studying the information given through us, you’ll get all of the important information about cma course in nearly all aspects. And each time you think of applying for admission for this course in future, this information will work as a guide for you.

Full form of CMA is Certified Management Accountant. In India, this course comes below the Institute of Cost Management Accounts of India, ie ICMAI.about cma course the course is divided into three Stages. Which you can do after twelfth.

To whole the about cma course you need to pass all 3 stages. You will find out about those 3 below.

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Final

CMA Foundation

You can register CMA Foundation after tenth however you may be capable of give the exam only after twelfth. That is why you need twelfth in the Foundation.

CMA Intermediate

If you’ve got got finished your Graduation, then you can take Direct Intermediate admission.After passing twelfth, when you have cleared the inspiration in CS or the Intermediate level in CA, then you definitely are eligible for certified management accountant Intermediate. The fee structure of Intermediate is ₹ 20000 and it’s going to have a complete of eight papers.

CMA Final

To get into CMA Final, you need to clean Intermediate and also do practical training. It depends on you that you may whole your training below a business enterprise or below an accountant.

about cma course,Certified Management Accountant.

Employment Areas in CMA

  • Cost Accounting
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Auditing/Internal Auditing/ Special Audits
  • Direct & Indirect Taxation
  • Implementing Business Intelligence Systems

Career after CMA

  • Financial ANALYST
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Consultant
  • Finance Director
  • Managing Director
  • Associate Professor
  • Accountant
  • Cost Controller
  • Chief Auditor

Admission Process For CMA

If you want to register for cma course, then for the examinations to be held in the month of June, you have to apply for admission withinside the month of January. If you have to be a part of for the exam for the month of December, then you need to apply through the end of July of the same year. In this way, you need to practice online through the official web website online of the worried board.

CMA Course Duration

The length about cma course is flexible. Which means that the time taken to finish the certified management accountant programme depends on a candidate’s level of focus and dedication.The certified management accountant course may be finished from 6 months to four years.Usually in India, college students take as a minimum three-four years to finish the course.In the US, the course is finished in only 6 months.

Skills required

  • Expertise in Financial Accounting
  • Strategic Management
  • External Financial Reporting
  • Internal Controls
  • Performance Management
  • Cost Management
  • Expertise in Management Accounting
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Risk Management


The average salary about cma course is between 3 to 5 lacs per annum. After gaining some experience it goes upto 8 to 16 lacs rupees per annum.

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