16 BEST Places to Visit in Junagadh


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Places To Visit In Junagadh.

Important places of Junagadh district

1 Inscriptions of Ashoka

2 Rudradama and Skanda Gupta (Junagadh)

3 Thieves of Narasimha Mehta (Junagadh)

4 Dargah of Jamialshah Datar (Girnar) Sakkarbagh (Junagadh)

5 Navghan Kuvo (Junagadh) or Girnar mountain (Junagadh)

6 Amba temple (above Girnar)

7 Neminath temple (above Girnar).

8 Dattatreya Temple (above Girnar)

9 Ray Gorakhnath Temple (Junagadh)

10 Damodar Kund (Junagadh)

11 Revati Kund (Junagadh)

12 Adikadini Vav (Junagadh)

13 Uparkotni Vav (Girnar Upar) or Darbar Hall Museum (Girnar)

14 Apa Gigani Samadhi (Satadhar)

15 Ranki Devi’s Palace (Uparkot)

16 Beautiful Beach (Chorwad)

1. Junagadh

Junagadh city situated at the foot of Girnar mountain. Is the district headquarters. Its ancient names are ‘Jirnadurg’, ‘Girinagar’, ‘Karankunj’, ‘Chandraketpur’ and ‘Revant’. According to Ashoka’s inscription, Chandragupta Maurya’s Suba Pushpagupta Girinagar of Saurashtra and 67 ‘Nagdh district built a reservoir called’ Sudarshan ‘on the river Swarnasikta to encourage agriculture in the surrounding region.  The reservoir, which was damaged due to heavy rains, was diverted to E.P.  Q.  It was rebuilt in 455 by Skanda Gupta’s governor.  The inscription of Ashoka was discovered by Colonel Nawab’s palace Tode.  E.  Q.  In 1467, Mahmud Begda conquered Junagadh and renamed it Mustafabad.  He was living in Junagadh with his brother-in-law after the death of his parents.  In Uparkot is the palace of Ranakdevi, besides Adi Kadi Vav and Navghan Kuvo, Sakkar Bagh (Zoo), Darbar.  Narasimha Choro Hall Museum, Narasimha Chori, Nawab’s Palace, Samudragupta’s Inscription, Handicraft Institute ‘Rupayatan’ etc. are some of the places of interest here.

2. Girnar Mountain

The ancient name of Girnar is ‘Revatak’ or ‘Revat’.  There is an inscription of Ashoka, an inscription of Rudradaman, Damodar, Kund, Revati Kund, Gorakhnath temple in the foothills of Girnar.  Etc. are spectacular.  Seven soon located on Girnar mountain .Inscriptions are found in the Mangama Upayatan of the handicraft industry. The name of the river Girnar, the animal name of Girnar Parvatamiyagap is Dhan. The inscription of Ashoka in the foothills of Pori. On the first short is the twelfth century Jain temple of Neminathji | Na derasaro on Girnar.On the second track is the temple of Ambaji.It is about ten thousand steps to reach the short of Dattatreya. Pierre “. Is counted. Every year a green procession of Girnar is held from Kartak Sud Agiyaras to Kartak Sud Poonam. In which millions of devotees participate. 

3. Bhavnath

There is a Shiva temple of Bhavnath at the foot of Girnar mountain on the banks of the river Swarnarekha. Mahashivaratri fair here. Is filled. Here Arjuna is believed to have abducted Subhadra, the sister of Lord Krishna.

4. Satadhar

This is the place of Samadhi of the famous saint Apagiga of Saurashtra.

5. Chorwad

The beach here is delightful for tourists. The Nawab of Junagadh lived here in summer. At present, the Nawab’s palace has been turned into a holy day home.

6 uprkot fort

Over 2300 years old, with walls up to 20m high in some places, there used to be a 300 ft. deep moat inside the walls which reportedly used to be inhabited by crocodiles for the fort’s protection.

7 Sarkeshwar Beach 

is one good place to relax and enjoy. Sound of the waves here are very soothing and the shore is lined by tiny and beautiful sea shells.

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